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Eifel Living is dedicated to working with those affiliated with the United States Military. We understand the challenges of working and living in Germany. So many things are different here. Therefore we are developing ways to make your experience in Germany a pleasant one. We can explain why things are done differently and help you understand the best action to take. We can find information or answer any questions you may have about living in Germany. Whatever you need, we have local professionals that can help you on your way.

Eifel Living always will “have your back” .

Complete Relocation solutions for you

No matter if you are coming or going we can assist you in your relocation. Our listings of rentals can get you closer to finding the property that fits your lifestyle. If you are staying awhile we can consult on the options for buying a house of apartment. Our market perspective will give you an advantage over those working alone.

For those leaving the Eifel region we can assure you will have no problems renting your home and working with the landlord. when you need help communicating with landlord then we will call him and express your concerns or delights. It is no problem. We gladly serve those that serve in the United States Department of Defense.

Thinking of Selling ur own home

The Eifel Living can sell your house. Our affiliation with Volksbank, Sparkasse, LBS and various private firms gives us the strongest market presence in the Eifel and Middle Mosal region. Our unique market perspective allows Us to work with this regional network of local Agents increasing you odds to sale your property faster. We know that teamwork and cooperation works best for our clients.

Most Trusted Real Estate Company

Trust and honesty are the most important factors in any business relationship. Whether you are buying or selling your home, you can count on us. It is the most decision you will make. We believe Your best interest is what is important. We work with each customer individually giving each one the attention he or she needs.

Mortgage Advice

We are good at getting you the best rates and payment terms. Our representatives are professionals just like us and provide you with good advice to assist you with your decision making process. We have relationships with financial institutions who are familiar with Americans and their housing benefits.

Home Insurance

Your Home is a treasure and you need to protect it in the best possible way. Correct Home Insurance is very much needed to protect it from unexpected calamities. Property Insurance is also helpful to protect the goods in your home from flood and theft etc. Our Home Insurance Plan ensures you peace of mind by protecting structure and contents of your home.


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